In Review: Misery by Stephen King

A little too much alcohol, screeching tires in the night and a collision leave writer Paul Sheldon crippled. Recovery will be long and difficult, especially because the person who found him is Anne Wilkes, former nurse and Sheldon’s biggest fan.

The back of the book doesn’t give you much more than this going in, and you don’t need much more. The story is all about Sheldon’s attempts to escape, mixed with a lot to say about writing and more than a few tense moments.

Not only is there a lot on writing in this book, but it is a writing masterpiece unto itself, showcasing the impacts of word choice and repetition, small-cast stories and other tools and themes that run throughout the story. The whole thing is a storytelling wonder.


You should read this if:

You like horror novels

You like thrillers

You are a writer not squeamish about the other two.


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