In Review: Jade City by Fonda Lee

Family is Duty. Magic is Power. Honor is Everything.

The war ended decades ago and now two clans vie for power in the modernizing city of Janloon. The center of this conflict? Jade. A mineral that enhances the power of any Green Bone warrior who wields it. As a new drug appears on the market allowing foreigners to wield this power, conflict arises that may forever change the balance of power in Janloon.

Jade City by Fonda Lee came out last November and on the premise of martial arts and magic I picked it up. And I couldn’t stop reading. The book revolves around the Kaul family, one of two gangs controlling the city of Janloon. The conflict never really goes away and the stakes only rise, even at the end there are more than enough things to make me want to read the sequel when it comes out.


The worldbuilding is fantastic, as is the character development. The entire world and the people who inhabit it come alive, from the Pillar of the Kaul family to the people who run the shops under their control. The magic flows seamlessly into the world in such a way that its existence is at once normal and awe inspiring to various characters.

Jade City is a great book that everyone should read. It also has my favorite cover of any book that came out last year.


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