One piece at a time

So I just started a rewrite of Stronger Than Fear last week. It’s a story I’ve been working on for several years and after some good beta reader feedback, I realized that the edits I needed to make were extensive enough to warrant this.

Just… one problem. The current finished version of STF is 87k words long. By far the longest thing I have ever written. Staring at it and contemplating a rewrite was daunting, which is why it took me so long to start it despite knowing the problems it had.

This reminded me of a metaphor my dad used to say a lot about eating an elephant. Fictional pachyderm killing aside, the idea is that while the task looks impossible when looked at in one chunk, if you break it into pieces it becomes much more manageable.

So I did this with the rewrite, and I’m now several thousand words in. Now, I’m not even close to done, but had I only looked at it as a whole I might still be procrastinating on it. And considering I want to get this story published eventually, that would be bad.

So if you’re having trouble writing a story because it looks too intimidating, or with any other huge project or life goal, breaking it down is a great way to get bits and pieces done, and before you know it you’re almost done.



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