In Review: Freedom’s Landing by Anne McCaffrey


The aliens have come. The Catteni landed ships in fifty cities worldwide and abducted everyone in them in an attempt to subjugate the human race. And a reader sees more similarities to his WIP and wonders where this book, published in 1995, was when he was in high school.

Freedoms Landing is first and foremost a story of survival after thousands of Catteni slaves, humans and various other alien species, are dumped on a world to test its habitability. Kris Bjornsen is one of these people. And survive she does.

In short, I loved this book. The premise had me from the word go and the world, the conflict and the characters had me captivated. Some books I can’t seem to get into no matter how hard I try, this was not one of those books. This was along the lines of books I couldn’t stop thinking about even though I had three library books out at the same time.

My only gripe was that I couldn’t jive with the romance for most of the story, but by the end it made sense, even if it’s still my least favorite part. And by no means does it take up even a significant part of the story, and it is not a love triangle.

Overall I’d recommend this book to any SciFi fan.


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