In Review: Eve: The Awakening

When she went off to college, all Evelyn Kingston wanted to do was blend in and be a normal human. However, as alien Interlopers begin kidnapping Chimeras like her from campus, she can either blend in and hide from the inevitable ridicule, or stand up and do something about it.

I first found out about Eve: The Awakening through Jenna Moreci’s Youtube channel and through parts she’s mentioned in videos I realized this book might be one I want to check out. I was so, so very right.

From the moment I picked the book up I couldn’t put it down. Like, it was physically difficult at times to pull myself away. The plot was engaging, the characters were relatable… though some were incredibly unlikeable, as they were supposed to be. The aliens were mysterious and terrifying and, well, let’s just say a few moments left me in total shock.

One thing that surprised me though was the romance. Mostly in how well written it was, to the point where they are one of my favorite couples that I can think of in literature at the moment. I can often appreciate a romance subplot to some level, and there are some I love, but this one was great.

As a writer though too, having seen Jenna’s videos, I could almost see several of the lessons from her videos played out on the page, and it was great reading it on the learning end as well.

Over all the book was brilliant and well written, the climax had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Reading the last 120 or so pages straight through did give me a stress headache, but considering the number of pages and the fact that that’s all book endgame stuff, I’d consider that more bad on my end than anything wrong with the book. I would completely recommend this book.


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