In Review: Something Like Normal by Trish Doller

When Travis returned with his unit on leave from Afghanistan, all he wanted was to return to life as it had been. Life had other plans. On page three, Travis sees a hallucination he thinks is a good friend of his, except that this friend is dead.

I discovered this book a few years ago and got this book as something to go between two larger books (one of those being my first foray into The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson). Despite this book being out of my typical genre preference I was intrigued by the fact that it followed someone with PTSD.

Now, I’ve never been in a war, but at the time I first read this book I was a year in to my own struggle with PTSD stemming from a different type of experience. Irony of ironies, once that page three hit, I started crying. I didn’t stop.

Well, I did, but only to sleep. As Travis struggled with not only his PTSD, but his perceptions of manliness that stemmed from toxic masculinity, things such as men don’t cry, men don’t show emotions, that crap. I was already a step ahead of Travis in the process of getting help, thanks to a fantastic support system, but needless to say the emotional connection hit fast and hard.

In short, I would absolutely recommend this book as it chronicles Travis’s journey as The struggles with PTSD. I’ve read other books since (Like Eve: The Awakening, reviewed earlier this month) that dealt with PTSD in some form, but this was the first I’d read and it definitely left a lasting impact.



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